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Whether you spend a weekend or a week in Marrakech let us take care of your stay.

We will propose you a mass of addresses not referenced in the tourist guides.

An interview (by phone or others ways) will be necessary to understand your expectations during your trip. Shopping, Museums, excursions, restaurants, bars, discotheques; we have what you need…

Give us a few days and we will give you your personalized roadbook.

The organization of your week for 99€ taxes included

Here is an example of a roadbook

"Weekend of 4 days in Marrakech:  

This weekend promises to be a sunny one. Be aware that in January, you can get very hot during the day when the sun is there and according to the weather it will be very present…This does not prevent you from having a small sweater in case of cloud. Mornings are cold (between 4 degrees Celsius and 7 degrees Celsius at the moment) and at sunset the cold sets in.


In Marrakech there are:

“La palmeraie”

“The Gueliz” “

The Medina”


Above is an extract from a roadbook designed in January : 

Here is the course of the roadbook: For each of these parts of the city, we will offer you places carefully selected according to your tastes and desires. Marrakech is constantly moving and every week new addresses are being discovered. Depending on the time of the year, some places are more or less recommended. We will also give you the means to get there, the address and the telephone number for any reservations.

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